Txdot Donation Agreement

ROW finalizes the closing procedure with the title company for a partial donation and an arrest warrant. ROW then orders the registration of the donation file in the official ownership documents of the county in which the property is located. After the donation was accepted, the ROW Office established a protocol order for the Confirmation of the Donation by the Commission and put it on the Commission`s agenda. Confirmation of the Commission must be made within 90 days of TxDOT`s acceptance of the donation. For packages with partial donations when payment is made for a portion of the TxDOT value, the ROW program office processes the transmission of payments in anticipation of the TxDOT authorization. The arrest warrant can thus be attached to the transmission note. Use standard infringement forms to make partial donations. Any significant changes to the language of the default seal forms must receive prior authorization from the ROW Program Office according to the standard transfer reflection forms. Atlas Sand pays for the costs directly. The donation agreement documents submitted to TxDOT list a contractual value of approximately $1 million. The ROW program office notifies ROW of TxDOT`s acceptance by letter of transmission with a copy of the executed donation contract and warrant, if it is a partial donation. The ROW Program Office ensures TxDOT`s approval and final acceptance of the donation.

The donation is recorded only when TxDOT has accepted the donation, as demonstrated by the director or head of the ROW department when the donation contract is executed by the Executive Director or Head of the ROW Division. The Executive Director may authorize the acceptance of a gift or gift if the Executive Director finds that a private organization may participate in a TxDOT highway project through items of money or physical property. TxDOT can only accept private participation in a TxDOT highway project if it finds that private participation serves the interest of the travelling public. Gifts from private entities must meet the requirements of 43 TAC 1.506, including, if necessary, the approval of the Commission and the execution of a donation contract. The Texas Transportation Commission has adopted rules for accepting donations. 43 TAC 1, Subch. The Mr. ROW files must be carefully documented if the right of priority is obtained by 100% donation (full donation) or by a reduced consideration (partial donation). A written statement from the donor or an amended agreement (MOA) mentioning a full or partial donation with the negotiator`s written reports may constitute sufficient documentation. Regardless of the method of documentation used, the offer of donations must include a statement indicating the owner`s desire to give or accept reduced consideration and the recognition of his right to fair compensation.

ROW retains the original signed deed and submits a package of donations to the ROW Program Office for verification and acceptance. The donation package contains the following documents: A landowner may donate property in exchange for construction features or services.