Large Direct Writing Insurance Carrier


Expanded market solution for large direct writing insurance carrier.

Expanded market solution for large direct writing insurance carrier.

National direct writing insurance carrier with captive agency force looks to expand presence on east coast.


Newly recruited agency force did not have an established portfolio of products to sell. Their direct writing insurance carrier was in the process of filing new insurance products with states as the recruiting team was signing up new agents. Extensive sales and marketing efforts in the new territory created an influx of new business opportunities. As the agents were onboarded, the new products we not ready for prime time; this caused static in the agency force and created a need for the couch Braunsdorf team to provide a solution.


the couch Braunsdorf team built a custom website for the initiative, educated agency force on commercial insurance and began the process of underwriting commercial submissions from the new agency force. The agency force underwent rapid expansion, and the Couch Braunsdorf team grew in lockstep to support their new business efforts to meet and exceed agent expectations for service.

The Results

Agencies involved with the pilot program became deeply connected to the couch Braunsdorf team. The expanded market access enabled agent success and removed the static from the agency force by allowing the agent to capture the entire client relationship; staying “in the household” and shutting the door to other agents that would typically have taken the business over.